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We are one of the most efficient, experienced, and trusted cyber security solutions providers possessing the expertise to deliver workable and customized resolutions. We bring to you unrivaled and unmatched online security solutions, to ensure you unleash unlimited possibilities in the world of internet, without worrying about cybercrimes or threats. Our team of expert network security professionals hold years of experience and knowhow to develop dependable online security solutions to augment and protect digital assets and broaden the capabilities of your cloud infrastructure.

We divide our work process into 4 funnels
  • Preparation

    We touch base with POCs from enterprises and listen carefully to their current issues and precise online security requirements.

  • Assessment/Analysis

    Post understanding requirements, our panel of cyber security experts come up with comprehensive and customized cyber security solutions.

  • Exploitation

    After deploying the most effective cyber security solutions, we carry out regular inspections (with the help of ethical hackers) to trap any kind of malicious activities initiated by cyber criminals.

  • Reporting

    We believe in sharing activities conducted and effectiveness of the activities on a regular basis with our clients.

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Services and Solution

We offer seamless and most effective cybersecurity solutions to ensure there is no delay or workflow halt due to cyber-attacks. Our advanced cyber security intelligence ensures complete risk management and protection against cyberattacks.


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Secneural assists organizations efficiently identify, assess, and control the risk of cyber treat and hacking activities.

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Cyber Attack Drills

We realize the importance of the adage “it’s better to be safe, than sorry”. Hence, we carry out regular checks and monitor suspicious activities that may cause minor or major damage to the organization’s

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Secure on-premises Communication

We provide efficient solutions or products that enables safe and secure communication system such as IP telephone, encrypted communication

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Secneural Expertise

Protect and augment your organization’s digital assets with our seamless and efficient cybersecurity solutions.
Keep your online properties protected and ensure hackers are trapped.

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