Cyber Attack Drills

Cyber security attackers don’t wait for an invitation to break into the personal
network of enterprises.

Cyber Attack

There are multiple technologies and processes deployed by enterprises to identify and act against online threats. However, many organizations fail to respond promptly to real security incidents because these technologies and processes often remain untested. Cybersecurity drills are the most effective solution that ensures an organization’s security solutions are ready to efficiently combat malicious activities initiated by cyber criminals.

Cyber security attackers don’t wait for an invitation to break into the personal network of enterprises. Hence, organizations need to proactively develop and deploy a robust online defense mechanism. The battle against cyber incidents has become increasingly challenging with time. To successfully encounter malicious cybercrimes, organizations need to deploy “customized” cyber intelligence to augment fraud protection and threat prevention.

Online hackers care the least about rules and regulations to perform malicious activities on your system. Also, they don’t follow a fixed time slot for you to become cautious, get hold of them and pull them out of your system. Therefore, the positive and preemptive Cyber Attack Drills offered by Secneural is highly appreciated by high-profile clients across industries.

Cyber Attack Drills help recognize and gauge the efficiency of an organization’s current online defense mechanism. Will it be able to control unauthorized activities by 3rd party, known and/or unknown, cyber criminals or not.

Secneural Ensures that you remain alert to confront and combat Real Cyber Attacks with these exercises, allowing you to measure:

  • How robust your current cyber security system is
  • Equip your personal staff to combat online threats
  • Analyze & Generate SIEM’s co-relation rules

Attackers Have
No Rules

Secneural Ensures that you remain constantly ready for Actual Cyber Attacks with
these exercises, allowing you to measure:

Effectiveness of your current
security mechanisms
Preparation of your security
operations staff
Accuracy of your SIEM’s
co-relation rules
Awareness level of your
operational personnel

Cyber Attack Drills are the New Fire Drill

1. Pre-Engagement Interactions

Contact us via email or phone. You can simply fill the form in our contact us section and we will reach out to you in the next 24 hours to understand your precise requirements.

2. Secure On Boarding

Confidentiality of our client’s data is of foremost importance to us. At the initiation of our partnership, we sign clauses that proclaim a respectful and secure collaboration.

3. Cyber Drills

conducting drills at regular interval of times to simulate real threats

4. Addressing Enterprise cyber defenses

It is our foremost duty to remain proactive and prompt to carry out necessary checks, detect, and improve current cyber security defense posture.

5. Reporting

We make sure to record, communicate, and represent all the activities carried out at regular intervals of time. We keep our clients abreast of the all the future plans and strategies.

6. Revalidate And Report

By nature of our intentions and actions, we create a mechanism to recheck, reevaluate, revalidate, and report all the activities performed for our clients digital assets protection.

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