Enterprise Endpoint Threat Simulation

Our Enterprise Endpoint Threat Simulation service is an important step in ensuring the security of your organization's systems and data

Secneural offers Enterprise Endpoint Threat Simulation

Secneural offers Enterprise Endpoint Threat Simulation, a service designed to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in employee devices that could potentially be exploited by attackers. Our team of security experts will simulate a range of cyberattacks on stolen employee devices, including cold boot attacks, bitlocker bypass attacks, bypassing endpoint security products (such as EDR, DLP, VPN), credential extraction, remote access to enterprise infrastructure, etc. in order to evaluate the devices' security and identify any potential risks.

Our Enterprise Endpoint Threat Simulation service is an important step in ensuring the security of your organization's systems and data. By identifying and mitigating potential vulnerabilities in employee devices, we can help you protect against cyber threats and ensure the security of your organization. Our team of experienced security professionals has the skills and expertise necessary to conduct the testing in a safe and responsible manner.

How does it Works

Initial Planning

First, the Secneural team understands the requirements for endpoint assessment to clarify the key objectives and defines the test scope.


Secneural perform an active reconnaissance of the device during the assessment. The starting phase of assessment. This may involve everything from Bitlocker bypass, VPN credential collection, EDR Bypass etc.

Vulnerability Discovery

Secneural actively look for flaws in the systems, and running applications or service. This may include unpatched or misconfigured endpoint solutions, least privilege vulnerabilities, or pwned passwords.


Identified flaws are actively exploited to compromise a target device using an exploit kit or techniques to bypass DLP bitlocker. Secneural may use tools such as bitleaker or kali OS for cold boot etc, or compromised usernames and passwords.


The Identified vulnerabilities and all weaknesses observed during the assessment will be documented along with a possible recommendation based on industry best practices.


This last phase validate that no artifacts created/used during the assessment is left out on any of the active servers/services of the targeted IT assets

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