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Ensure the security of industrial control systems (ICS) and the integrity of production processes

Oil and Gas

Testing the security of the ICS network infrastructure, as well as the individual components such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human-machine interfaces (HMIs)


Ensure the security of sensitive financial information and the integrity of online banking systems. Testing the security of the network infrastructure, web applications, mobile apps, and individual systems such as ATMs and Point of Sales (POS) terminals


Identify and remediate any security weaknesses in the systems and networks that support critical functions such as national security, public safety, and public services.

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Secneural offers a wide range of testing services that covers different types of systems and networks, including Web applications, Mobile applications, networks, wireless networks, cloud environments.

Experience & Expertise

Secneural has a proven track record of successfully identifying vulnerabilities in systems and networks. Team of certified security experts with diverse backgrounds in cyber security.


Ability to provide testing services on short notice, flexible testing schedule. We also be able to accommodate the customer's schedule and provide testing services at a time that is most convenient.

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