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Secure your workspace

91% of employees compromise security for business continuity.
Secneural allows you to collaborate securely and ensures you are in control of your data.

Build on Humane Technology Principals

Our community is empowered to take control by choosing the location and the lifetime of their data, without their preferences being tracked nor profiled. End-to-end encryption, that is enabled by default, provides protection against harmful offensive technologies. We always prioritize sustainability in our technology for our vision of net zero carbon emissions.

Most loved Unique features

Private Circles
Connect, communicate and collaborate in community-centric circles and stay focused

Encrypted Messaging
Communicate instantly while keeping your data’s location and lifespan under full control

Secure Video Conference
Instantly meet with your community anywhere, on any device, in full

Confidential File Sharing
Securely share and store files up to 100 MB, without email limitations

Uncompromised Productivity for everyone

Trusted communication for leaders
Safeguard and organize your most sensitive conversations within authorised members-only private circles. All content can be set to auto-erase on demand, or after consumption. No trace or data is left on Secneural servers. Manage your team in real-time and keep the work flow through necessary resilient communications.

Compliant collaboration for hybrid teams
Boost productivity by reducing unnecessary emails and enable enterprise-grade secure collaboration even when decentralized. Regain your focus with prioritized notifications. All files and messages are encrypted end-to-end, with lifespan options and full data sovereignty. An ideal on-premises replacement for Skype for Business.

Smart Workspace for field workers
Simplify internal communication, boost engagement, and allow every employee to be up to date through messaging, calls and meetings in real-time, across any device, and any network. Secneural reduces the time it takes for information to reach mobile employees. A trusted alternative to WhatsApp for organizations.

Solutions to meet your business Needs


Enhance privacy with your engaged members


Boost productivity with your distributed teams


Foster collaboration in full control and compliance


Safely effect on state critical matters

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