Vulnerability Tracking & Prioritization Platform

ThreatsView offers an advanced Vulnerability Tracking and Prioritization Platform, consolidating all
vulnerabilities into a single hub. Whether they originate from tools or Penetration Testing projects,
you'll have a comprehensive overview on one platform.

Elevating Cybersecurity Through Comprehensive Vulnerability Tracking

Manage All Vulnerabilities on a Unified Platform – from Manual Inputs by Internal Teams to Automated Fetching from External Scanning Tools and Penetration Testing Results

Explore Product Features

Penetration Testing Project Management

Users can efficiently orchestrate penetration testing projects within the platform, from initiation to the generation of detailed reports. This facilitates a streamlined and effective assessment of vulnerabilities.

Asset Management

The platform allows for meticulous asset management, including the ability to categorize assets based on their criticality. This enables prioritized focus on high-risk areas, optimizing resource allocation and risk management strategies.

Seamless Third-Party Tool Integration

ThreatsView is engineered for seamless integration with diverse third-party tools.

Intuitive Dashboard Interface

At the heart of its user experience is a sophisticated dashboard that provides an at-a-glance view of all security findings. It categorizes these findings by their current status and remediation progress, alongside asset criticality evaluations, offering a comprehensive snapshot of the organization's security landscape.

Vulnerability Tracking and Prioritization

At the core of ThreatsView is its sophisticated capability for tracking and prioritizing vulnerabilities. This system ensures that the most critical threats are addressed promptly, enhancing the overall security posture of your organization.

Ticketing System Compatibility

Streamline issue tracking and resolution with smooth integration into existing ticketing systems, ensuring an efficient and cohesive workflow.

Testcases Library for Penetration Testing

Equip your team with a comprehensive library of test cases for penetration testing. This repository enhances the effectiveness of security assessments and aids in thorough vulnerability exploration.

Collaborative Team Integration

ThreatsView supports comprehensive team integration, accommodating both internal and external collaborators. This feature promotes a synergistic approach to cybersecurity, enhancing collective efforts in threat mitigation.

On-Premises and Cloud Options

Catering to diverse IT infrastructures, ThreatsView offers both on-premises and cloud-based deployment options, providing flexibility and scalability to suit various organizational needs.

How it Works

ThreatsView streamlines cybersecurity management by aggregating vulnerabilities from multiple

Work Process
Install On-Premises/ Cloud
Onboard External /Internal Teams
Add Findings
Central Repository
Reporting and Insights
Remediation & Tracking Process
ThreatsView Dashboard

Connect your custom solutions to your
ThreatsView instance

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