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Vulnerability Assessment and
Penetration Testing

Secneural Cyber Security Consulting company is the go-to trusted partner to thwart exposure to malicious online activities.

Vulnerability Assessment and
Penetration Testing

The number of instances of online thefts or hacking is on the rise. Therefore, setting up Cyber security solutions to prevent malicious activities is mandatorily essential for businesses or organizations or individuals to function in a seamless manner. The constantly evolving devices, tricks, and methods used by cybercriminals to violate organizational network demand an ever-ready cyber security framework.

Secneural is a trusted partner for internationally renowned organizations for providing robust network of cyber security solutions in according with organizations compliance and protocol standards like ISO 27001 and GDPR. We deploy knowledgeable cyber security professionals abreast with the latest technologies, tricks, and tactics to monitor, detect, study, and control 3rd party illegal cybercriminals planning to breach company network channels.

Why do a Vulnerability Assessment?

It will be prudent to proactively conduct a vulnerability assessment (VA) at regular intervals of time. This helps identify, diagnose, and mitigate the risk of cybercrimes right at the bud and keep digital assets intact. VAPT consists of a plethora of range of security assessment services which are specifically designed to regularly test, identity, and assist mitigate cyber security exposures in then organization IT property.

Our VAPT Audit Predominantly Includes

Application Security
Secure important information/data in your applications to remain stress-free
Active Directory Assessment
Assess the safety quotient of your Active Directory Environment
Network Penetration Testing
Identify security defenselessness in apps and websites of systems by purposely using malicious techniques to evaluate how robust the security system of a network is.
Database Security Assessment
Create a built-in approach to proactively assess how secure the configuration of data is in your systems.
Vulnerability Assessment
A series of security levels are examined to check how vulnerable the security system of your systems is. The weaknesses in the systems are readily noted and worked upon.
Source Code Review
Analyzing the source code of n application to detect errors or mistakes that are often remain unnoticed in the initial phases of development.
Mobile Application Penetration Testing
Be it in iOS or Android, every application needs to be assessed for protection.
Cloud Security Assessments
Test or evaluate the security controls of your cloud infrastructure for smooth and seamless workflow.

How does it Works

1. Pre-Engagement Interactions

Contact us via email or phone. You can simply fill the form in our contact us section and we will reach out to you in the next 24 hours to understand your precise requirements.

2. Secure On Boarding

Confidentiality of our client’s data is of foremost importance to us. At the initiation of our partnership, we sign clauses that proclaim a respectful and secure collaboration.

3. Vapt Audit And Assessment

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4. Addressing Vulnerabilities

It is our foremost duty to remain proactive and prompt to carry out necessary checks, detect, and mitigate vulnerabilities

5. Reporting

We make sure to record, communicate, and represent all the activities carried out at regular intervals of time. We keep our clients abreast of the all the future plans and strategies.

6. Revalidate And Report

LBy nature of our intentions and actions, we create a mechanism to recheck, reevaluate, revalidate, and report all the activities performed for our clients digital assets protection.

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