Reviewing Code while it is being
written and developed

The key goal of this cyber security service is to identify logical programming
mistakes that might invite hackers to carry out malicious and phishing activities.

Keeping a check on online security in the process of software development

The process of writing, designing, and developing codes for an application is a multi-step procedure which involves multiple coders and professionals. There is high possibility for mushrooming of security risks and critical vulnerabilities while the handover from one professional to another takes place.

Therefore, conducting online security checks at regular basis as and when the code is being written or applied is crucial to track and control gateways for cyber hackers to enter the system.

This seamless application of a secure development life cycle is key to ensure the final software product is well protected with a strong and sustainable cyber defense shield.

Secneural is acclaimed for delivering black-box security projects for application across industries like insurance, aviation, retail, and finance.

Black-Box Software Analysis
Secneural practices reverse engineering technique for a thorough step-by-step check on the complete application development project and conducts an extensive analysis to ensure security.

This online cyber security solution is mandatory for mission-critical applications that will be strategically deployed in networks requiring extreme confidentiality.

Our code review services provide:

Review of the source code by means of special code review tool kits

Detailed manual review of the entire source code by specialized security researchers

Detailed workshops with developers and introduction of findings

Reports of discovered vulnerabilities and logical security mistakes

Provision of Secneural two-day “Secure Development with Real-Life Examples Training”

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